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HeapsGood Productions provide a variety of options for incursions into schools, excursions to theatres and cultural institutions,  and interactive adventures.  Every school performances is followed by a QandA. For school incursions,  we’re always happy to stay at the school for the whole day, presenting detailed workshops  on the content.

School incursions

Dinosaurs Down Under

Dinosaurs Down Under is a performance by singing palaeontologist Professor Flint that helps tell the story of prehistoric Australia. For we who dwell in Australia, it is an important part of learning about to story of who we are, to learn about our own prehistoric creatures.


Suitable, and adaptable to Year levels R to 7.  All performances include a Qand A after the show, and bonus workshops throughout the performance day to further explore content.

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Gory Stories from the Putrid Past

Stories of plague, rough medicine, and how our changing understanding of medical practise has seen great stories in the advancement of science have never been more relevant.

And yet despite all of our progress,  we still remain vulnerable to the threats posed by illness and disease. Join Michael Mills as the Barber Surgeon and discover a world of scientific endeavour across generations. 

Part workshop, and part performance, Gory Stories from the Putrid Past is the story of the importance of science, across the ages, and how we make progress through science to improve the quality of life on Earth.

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It was once thought by many that diseases such as the plague were spread by smells... also known as miasmas! The Plague Doctor was “protected” by a rather spooky looking outfit, that included a beak filled with nice odours as protection against disease!

Down the Drain

The Drain is Just for Rain is a key song within the show, in its emphasis and explanation on the threats to storm water, such as tyre marks on the road, lawn clippings, and dog poop!

Down the Drain is a performance that explores the journey of water from catchment to coast. It explores the difference between water that is processed as sewerage, and water that goes through the stormwater system, and often out to sea. Why do we have such a system here in Adelaide? And what can we do to ensure that the only thing that goes down the stormwater drain, is rain!

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