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Professor Flint tunes, and where to find them…

Pictured, above, world renowned singing palaeontologist Professor Flint has released two full albums, and several singles. Watch the video clip of the Prof’s tune, “A lean, mean, seldom seen, dino-munching submarine”, as heard on the “Dinosaurs Amongst Us!” album.

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You can also download the Prof’s singles through Bandcamp

Gemma Dandie tunes, and where to find them…

Gemma Dandie has performed multiple shows with HeapsGood Productions, and released two singles. She was the first performer within the HeapsGood family of performers to do so, aside from founder and Creative Director Michael Mills, either as himself, or a range of characters. Listen to Gemma singing “Whispers in the Night” Live, in the below video, and you’ll understand why.

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Michael Mills tunes, and where to find them…

Pictured above in various guises, Michael Mills has been writing songs since his early teens. As the writer/producer/director for much of what occurs through HeapsGood Productions, he is an award-winning producer and songwriter, whose obsession with stories has seen him write more than 50 shows, and theatrical, interpretive, experiences.

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Taylor Tran tunes, and where to find them…


Taylor Tran is a recent addition to the HeapsGood family of performers, and first appeared at the South Australian Maritime Museum as a pyjama wearing pirate! “Come, down to the seaside” is a disturbingly haunting song written as part of an art/science project in association with the Marine Discovery Centre, and Inspiring South Australia. You can see the song in the above video link.

Download or stream “Come, down to the seaside” by following the below links to Spotify etc.

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