HeapsGood Birthday Parties


Prof Flint will take you on a journey to discover a world of prehistoric creatures both here in Australia and around the world. Prof Flint’s birthday parties are an all singing, and dancing adventure, in your own home, a park, or wherever your party might be!

The session includes some time handling real fossils from the Professor’s own collection, and a special, personalised gift for the birthday child!

In addition, ask about copies of Prof Flint’s CD “Dinosaurs Down Under” as thank you gifts for guests.

Join the Prof Flint on a tour of the SA Museum and learn about some amazing animals that lived before the dinosaurs and ate nothing but slime, and some that came after the dinosaurs, like the giant scissor toothed possum, and the rhino sized wombat!

The tour with Prof Flint includes some time handling real fossils, and can also include a singalong of pre-historic proportions!

Your birthday party can include a rage of groovy food and drink options from the Museum’s awesome café.


Let Horace Ankaramanah Nehebukar Smith take you on a journey to ancient Egypt, to walk in the Valley of the Nile, and go on a journey to the afterlife. Along the way, learn what it was really like to live a day in the life in Ancient Egypt, while singing songs about all manner of strange and peculiar things from one of the most awesome and intriguing periods in history.
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Dino-Party at the
S.A. Museum!!
Party with your Mummy at the S.A. Museum!!